Särk-kleit (erinevad värvid) L281




Total length969696
Width at the bust2×422×442×46
Width at the waist2×31-412×33-432×35-45
The width of the hips2×902×922×94
Width at the bottom2×1282×1302×132
Sleeve length606060
Classic shirt dress is a perfect dress for autumn and winter. If you definitely recall the autumn-winter gray in your wardrobe, this dress is just for you! Classic shirt top and a beautiful down with flounces is the perfect combination that does not need additional styling. The dress is made of beautiful prints that will not let you remain unnoticed. The length of the mini will perfectly highlight the legs, and her shirt-like top will make it possible for you to put it on any occasion. Classic shirt dress is a proposal for demanding women who will appreciate Polish tailoring, combined with love for fashion. The dress produced in Poland is a guarantee of style and the highest quality.

Model’s height: 172 cm

Tarneaeg: ~3 tööpäeva DPD-ga

Veel sarnaseid tooteid: kleidid



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