Värviline kardigan (erinevad värvid) LLS234


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Colorful striped cardigan is a response to the requests of women who do not want to wear gray in the winter. The full-color striped cardigan is perfect for cold days. The unique pattern and admixture of wool and mohair make the cardigan your favorite for many seasons! In addition, the character adds small holes to the cardigan, creating an original pattern. Colorful cardigan with stripes is a proposal for demanding women who will appreciate Polish tailoring, combined with love for fashion. Produced in Poland, cardigan is a guarantee of style and the highest quality.

Model’s height: 172 cm

Total length76
Width at the bust2×56
width of the waist2×55
The width of the hips2×57
Width at the bottom2×56
Sleeve length49

Materjal:60% acrylic 15% mohair 15% wool 10% polyester

Tarneaeg: ~3 tööpäeva DPD-ga

Veel sarnaseid tooteid: kleidid



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