Seelik ja pluus (must ja valge) LLG500

Seda toodet ei ole hetkel laos ja pole seetõttu saadaval.


Flounces and buttons are a definite hit in the spring / summer. Flounces add lightness, buttons make the outfit gaining elegance. The combination of these elements makes the whole outfit is feminine, light and elegant.

A big plus is the ability to wear a set together or create separate stylizations with another blouse or other skirt. This set is the perfect base in the wardrobe.

Width at the bust2×492×512×53
Width at the bottom of blouse2×492×512×53
Total length of the blouse (from the shoulder)646464
Width at the waist of the skirt2×322×342×36
Width of the bottom of the skirt2×1122×1142×116
Width of the hips2×572×592×61
Total length of the skirt393939

Model’s height: 172 cm

Materjal:100% viscose

Tarneaeg: ~3 tööpäeva DPD-ga

Veel sarnaseid tooteid: kleidid





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