Oversized kardigan (erinevad värvid) LLS238

Seda toodet ei ole hetkel laos ja pole seetõttu saadaval.

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Total length80
Width at the bust2×72
Sleeve length from the outside22
Stylish oversize cardigan is a proposal for women who in the autumn appreciate style the most, which unitingly connects with convenience. Oversize cardigan is the classic of the autumn outfit – braids, loose cut and narrowed sleeves. The cardigan has a slit at the back, giving the illusion of a combination of two wheels. The colors of the model can shock, although in fact all colors combine with the golden Polish autumn. Stylish cardigan oversize will satisfy every trendsetter who wants to shine and infect with positive energy in autumn. Stylish cardigan oversize is a proposal for demanding women who will appreciate Polish tailoring, combined with love for fashion. Produced in Poland, cardigan is a guarantee of style and the highest quality.

Model’s height: 172 cm

Materjal:100% acryl

Tarneaeg: ~3 tööpäeva DPD-ga



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